Our Mission: To create a Veterans Center for those who serve

The Waverly Area Veterans Post brings together the four veterans organizations in the City of Waverly, Iowa:

One Alliance with Four Posts — each Post charter remaining intact.

Necessity: The flood waters of 2008 destroyed one of the three veteran facilities in Waverly, seriously damaged a second, and the third building (the VFW) has outlived its useful life.

Location: The current VFW site in northwest Waverly, overlooking the Cedar River.

One Point of Contact: The new welcoming service facility will become the contact point to address the needs of all veterans, active and inactive, and their families.

A Unique Project: To our knowledge, the Waverly Area Veterans Post is the first attempt to bring four separate veterans organizations together under one roof in the state of Iowa and has already become a working model for other communities.

Funds Raised as of March 22, 2017: The WAVP has over 900 Donors for a total gifted or pledged (including the CAT grant from Vision Iowa) in the amount of $3,915,530.53.

Veterans Center Amenities:

Communications & Career Development Services Center

  • Internet and video Skype for families to connect with service members
  • Access for Veterans to research and apply for benefits
  • Access to pursue career opportunities upon completion of active service
  • Opportunities for Veterans to continue their education
  • An Information Center and Library of Veteran publications

Contact Point and Counseling

  • A place to get timely information for service members and families
  • A safe place to gather and communicate with those who care
  • Potentially, the new home of the Bremer County Veterans Affairs office
  • A special place for camaraderie with the veterans of yesterday, today and the future
  • A spirit of collaboration with other community providers which offer veteran services

Fully Accessible Facility

  • Designed and built with green energy standards in mind
  • Monthly Meeting space for Veterans, Auxiliary and Sons of Veterans
  • Funerals with full military rites and post-funeral receptions
  • Pre and post-deployment gatherings
  • Family gatherings and celebrations
  • Civic celebrations on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Veterans Day
  • Post membership and Auxiliary fundraisers and special projects
  • District and State meetings and conferences
  • Museum - to preserve memorabilia honoring our Veterans' sacrifices
  • Armory - safe storage of weapons arsenal for military rites, parades and special events
  • Storage - Avenue of the Saints flags, poles, name plaques and uniforms
  • A fully functional kitchen
  • Socialization with other Veterans and kindred Veteran organizations

In Closing...

The WAVP Veterans Center honors the Veterans of yesterday, today and tomorrow. It recognizes and celebrates the sacrifice of those who served in past conflicts, those who serve today, and those whose service awaits them. These men and women and their families are ever mindful of the reality that freedom is not free. It is in this spirit that we build this very special home "Where Patriots Gather"